Current group members :

Ziyi Chen      (MSc Student)

David Do        (MSc Student)

David Morris       (MSc Student)

Tianjun Zhang       (PhD Student)

Andrew Walsh       (Research Assistant)

Former graduate students (MSc and PhD):

Rui Yang         MSc (2017)

Currently “Chemical Engineer" at GCL-Poly Energy Holdings Limited

Daniel M. Chevrier         PhD (2016)

Currently Marie Curie Postdoctoral Fellow and also NSERC Postdoctoral Fellow at Max-Planck Institute for Colloids and Interfaces

Paul Duchesne                PhD (2016)

Currently Postdoctoral Fellow for Dr. Geoffrey Ozin, University of Toronto

J. Daniel Padmos            PhD (2015)
                                             MASc (2008)

Currently NSERC Postdoctoral Fellow for Dr. Hugh Horton, Queen’s University

Stephen Christensen     PhD (2013)

Currently “Vice President & General Manager” at Canadian Greenfield Technologies Corp.

Zac Cormier                      MSc (2011)

Currently “Business Development Representative" at ALS - North America

Mark MacDonald           MSc (2011)

Currently “Laboratory Operations Manager" at Atlantic Cancer Research Institute

Feng Liu                              MSc (2007)

Currently “Global Study Associate Manager" at AstraZeneca

Other fomrer group members (Research assistants, Honours students and Volunteers):

David Morris Honours Student 2017-2018
Connor Huang Honours Student 2015-2016
Ammar Yassin Honours Student 2015-2016
Yifan Li Undergraduate Researcher 2015
Salman Alshrif Undergraduate Researcher 2015
Jungwook Na Undergraduate Researcher Summer 2014
Bonnie Wong Honours Student 2013-2014
Mallory Davis Undergraduate Researcher Summer 2013
Anesta Gallant Undergraduate Researcher 2013
Sarah Gallant Undergraduate Researcher 2013
Shuya Huang Undergraduate Researcher 2013
Colby Perrin Undergraduate Researcher 2013
Peter Cho Research Assistant & USRA 2012-2014
Hanjoo Lee Honours Student 2010-2011
Daniel Chevrier Honours Student 2010-2011
Hershel MacAulay Co-op Student Summer 2010
Jae Ho Han USRA Summer 2010
Saptarshi Chowdhury USRA Summer 2010
Arti Dhoot USRA Summer 2010
Amir Toulany Undergraduate Researcher Summer 2010
Yousif Raheem Visiting Student Summer 2010
Maria Harlow-Gillighan Undergraduate Researcher 2010
William O'Hanley Undergraduate Researcher 2010
Emma Parker Undergraduate Researcher 2010
Giselle Ardagh Undergraduate Researcher 2009
Louis Moffatt Undergraduate Researcher 2009
Anna Naylor Undergraduate Researcher 2009
Mark MacDonald Honours Student 2008-2009
Chiao-Ting Shen Undergraduate Researcher Summer 2008
Gordon Simms Research Assistant Summer 2008
Sunisha Neupane USRA Summer 2008
Paul Duchesne USRA 2008, 2009, 2010
Katherine Prowse Honours Student 2006-2007
Patrick Murphy USRA Summer 2006
Stephen Cook Honours Student 2005-2006
J. Daniel Padmos Honours Student 2005-2006
J. Rebecca Zhang Research Assistant 2005-2006